Email Marketing – Top 3 quick tips – Part One

Email Marketing Newsletter Tips

Hi everyone so, I thought that I would talk about email marketing newsletters today and give you three quick tips that you can implement on yours.
So, tip number one make sure your email is coming from a friendly address so if it’s coming from something like info at or hello at its not a very friendly approach so have a look and see how you’re displaying when you come up in someone’s inbox and potentially I would put your first name or your first name and surname because when you do that people see it’s a real person rather than it’s just coming from an inbox and automatically people want to open it.
Tip number two okay so make your headline or subject line is impactful and interesting so if you just use a subject line like marketing monthly newsletter it’s not exactly the most exciting thing it’s not really going to entice people to read it. Have a think about what the key things are your newsletter is including so it might be that if you might be looking at top social media tips or ways to write your blog you just need to put a little bit more information in there it’s gonna be captured in a subject line quite quickly and efficiently that people go yeah I want to read that if you do something a bit boring no one’s going to want to read it.
Tip number three, make sure that the content that you put in your email marketing newsletter is actually educational or they’re trying to inspire somebody. If you just put in there stuff about sales or trying to sell your products that’s fine but actually what you want to do is make sure that your email newsletter has some value that people enjoy reading it and continue reading it so you might want to put your interesting blog posts in there some testimonials but whatever you do don’t make it salesy because it puts people off.
I hope that you found that interesting I’m also going to do a follow-up email marketing newsletter video next week so I’ve still got some more tips for you but I wanted to keep it short and sweet.
Okay bye for now

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