Hi everyone and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series now last week I talked about email marketing and I also wanted to give you three additional tips on email marketing today as there are so many.
So, the first tip is what you need to really think about is targeting your lists now what I mean by targeting is if you’re a business sending a newsletter out to every single client it may work but sometimes you will have different clients that are interested in different things so if you can create different lists to send your emails to and tailor the content and hopefully your open rates and your click-through rates will go up because you are making sure that the right content gets to the right people.
Tip number two it’s very much about readability I don’t know if you’ve ever had an email where you just scroll on and on and it’s just text. Since people have really low attention spans my advice would be to keep your emails pretty short between 150 to 200 words if you can break it up with bullet points and headings it helps people skim read your email so they can get to the right content quicker. There’s also an interesting study called the Nielsen studies that look at how people view an email and they view it in an F shape so the top left-hand corner is the most prominent and will be looked at the most so you have to have your most important content at the top in the top left hand corner.
My third tip and although this is really obvious I think we’ve all made this mistake is get somebody else to check your emails for typos and make sure the links work I mean how many times have we all been in that position where we’ve got oh my god the link doesn’t work or there’s spelling mistake or I’ve sent it out wrong so always make sure that you can get it checked. Even if you have to just get your partner, one of your friends or get your business colleagues to check your emails and make sure that it is all ready to go before you press the word ‘send’.
So, I hope you find that useful please do click like or leave a comment and I hope to see you back next week with another topic for my Wednesday wisdom series.
Thank you bye

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