Do you invest in yourself?

Do you invest in yourself?

Today I wanted to talk a little bit more about investing in yourself. I work for myself and I realised recently that I don’t actually have a learning and development plan for myself. And I’m very aware that I don’t have anybody to learn from who sits above me or might have a more senior position to me. 

Communication and Impact

I’ve decided to do a number of different courses to upskill myself. So I’m taking on a communications and impact course. I’ve also recently attended a women on boards course, because I want to understand how to become a Board Director or a NED. 


And I’ve also taken on a leadership and resilience coach. I found that very, very useful, because I want to understand what leadership skills I need or have, or need to improve upon to make sure that I transition into my outsource marketing director roles that I’m taking on. 

So what kind of training are you doing? 

Do you work for yourself? Do you get to do your own training course and choose? Do you have a training and learning and development plan? I can’t believe it’s just dawned on me that I need to do something like that. Anyway, I’d love to hear more about what you’re getting up to. I hope you found that helpful bye for now.

Need help?

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