Covid-19 Marketing – what’s next?

Covid-19 Marketing – what’s next?

Hi everyone. And welcome back to my video series.

Today I thought I would talk to you a little bit more about my thoughts around how to market yourselves and your business post locked down.

Going into the autumn it has been a very tough couple of months for everybody.

We’ve all had to go through some really stressful times. And I was just having a think, you know, what is it that is going to be different now that things have changed, I don’t hold a crystal ball. I have never had to market a business in a pandemic before.

So, this is just really my initial thoughts, but I think it very much comes from a place of empathy and your key messages to your particular clients.

Why should they use your product or service now in this situation that they’re in.

It’s about really trying to understand the background to that on why they should be using you. 

So there’s going to be plenty of opportunities for your service or your product to be used by your clients, but it just depends on how you kind of pitch it to them. It has to be done in a sensitive way and not a salesy and opportunistic way.

You really have to come from a place of understanding and understanding their needs at this particular time.

At the moment, the things that I’m saying to my clients when they’re marketing to their clients is why should they use you? And why now, why now should they use you? Because I think it’s a case of really understanding that situation and putting yourself in their shoes.

For instance, for me, the opportunity that I’m coming across is that more people might want to look at outsourcing marketing because they are not able to fully support a marketing function. Now that is my gain but maybe someone else’s loss in terms of being made redundant.

How do I get that message across in a sensitive way?

So have a think about why now, why you, and what it is that you can help in terms of their particular situation that they might be in.

I hope you found that useful and tune in, in the next couple of weeks for my next video. Bye for now.

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