Building relationships: Existing clients

Building relationships: Existing clients

Hi everyone. And welcome to my video series today. I wanted to talk about client relationships. So I have three videos that I want to do. And this first one is how to develop existing clients. So one of the things that we have with existing clients is a relationship that we’ve already created with them. 

So, one of the easiest things for us to do is to see how we can continue working with them after a project. And this is all about asking the right questions after projects have been completed, seeing what other help that they need, and also in the long run, just touching base and keeping in touch with them, just to remind them that you are there. You can cultivate new client relationships or new projects with existing clients just by keeping in touch. 

The other thing to think about is how existing clients might also refer you.

You want to encourage your existing clients to you refer you to people that they know as well. This is really important. Word of mouth goes a very long way in the services and professional services industry. 

So how can you encourage them to also refer you on to the people that they know? So when it comes to existing clients, my two thoughts are really firstly, how can you keep developing relationships with them and supporting them and in the future after projects have been finished. 

And secondly, how can you encourage them to refer people they know to you as well? So just a very slight small tip on business development for existing clients. If you like my videos, please share like and subscribe on my YouTube channel.

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