Branding your office space

Branding your office space

Hi everyone and welcome to my video series today. I just wanted to quickly talk to you about a firm I’ve been working for recently. So, they are a law firm and we are looking at sorting their branding out, so I am working with a design agency to help them sort their logo and their colour palette and the imagery etc.

And the other day they are very excitedly announced that they were going to be moving office, which is great. They going to getting bigger and they’re growing and I want to have a really great workspace. And then they kind of turned to me and said, well we want you to kind of be involved and want to see what that looks like. And then I kind of realized that internal workspaces aren’t just, you know, your nicely fitted out We works. 

When you are growing and when you’re getting bigger, it’s really important that your internal spaces are branded and reflect the values and the core mission statement of the company. So I just kind of had a look at the drawings and the new space and I said to the managing partner, for me as a marketing consultant, I’m really interested to see how we bring the colour palette through into the actual office space. Whether that would be with the furnishings or whether that would be with the colour of the walls, that kind of thing. You know, it doesn’t have to be in a crazy really in your face kind of way. It can be done in a very discrete way, but it gives that sense of cohesion because as the partnership has growing, you want a space that reflects the firm. 

So I’m quite excited to see how this looks internally because you’ll have the colour palette. We’ll hopefully have some of the iconography from the logo dotted around the walls. I would love to see something, around employee values or partnership values of the firm because the managing partner has very clear ideas about how he sees the firm and what he wants and what he wants the traits of the partners to be like. 

And having things like that on the wall to inspire, to engage and to bring people together I think is going to be really exciting. So I was just thinking to myself that’s really interesting from a different point of view from me, from a marketing consultant, you know, I don’t do branding but I do want to see it and kind of weaved in throughout internal marketing. 

And it would be interesting to see how that goes and I’m just wondering what kind of things do you do in your offices to bring the brand to life? So please do let me know. I’m quite interested mainly because I’m quite excited about this project and see how it all works out and to see whether or not there’s anything that I’m missing. Anyway, that’s me for this week. Thank you for listening. And please do like and share if you found this interesting, bye for now.

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