BD and Marketing Tips to Kick Start your Marketing

BD and Marketing Tips to Kick Start your Marketing

Hi everyone, and welcome to my video series. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about marketing and BD tips to get started with in January. 

If you’re like me, January can be a little bit slow to kickstart. I’m always trying to think of some ideas to make sure that I am doing as much as I possibly can to ensure that my marketing and BD is working for me even when it’s quiet.

BD and Marketing Tip One – Content Please!

So what kind of things would I suggest that you guys do as professional service firm? From a content marketing perspective, I would be looking at writing blogs and articles for the website that you can share on social media. Great idea to kind of, if you’re quiet, batch a couple up, write them, and then release them over a couple of months so you have consistent and persistent content coming out. 


Another area is if you’re in professional services and the majority of your clients are on LinkedIn or social media, why don’t you start thinking about scheduling some social media posts in over the next couple of months to make sure that you have at least one or two going out. 

LinkedIn now has a scheduling tool that you can use. It’s really, really simple, and if you can sit there and have some ideas, then it would be great that you can put those into a schedule and make sure that they run so you have that persistent and consistent presence. 

Business Development Activities

In terms of the BD side of things, I think you can do a couple of things. 

Proposal Checkins

You can definitely check in with some proposals that you might have done before Christmas, see where they are, see if they’re still interested in, you can take that forward or whether or not they have any questions. 

Reach out to your connections

Connect with the people that you might have been networking with last year. Make sure you follow up with the right people and have those coffees and conversations and get those started. What else would I do? 

Reach out to existing clients

I would definitely check in with existing clients as well. There’s definitely a habit of professional service firms siloing themselves, but by talking to existing clients and understanding what it is they need, it might be that you can upsell and cross out other parts of the business in to them because they need help. And also it shows that you care. 

Sometimes we forget that our best clients are sitting there just wanting to be loved and looked after and checking in with them every now and then is always a good thing because we don’t want them to suddenly go, we were disappointed with your service, or we weren’t really happy, and you’d be like, where did that come from? 

So for me, it’s about touching base with proposals, touching base with existing clients, making sure that you’re doing those copies and collaborations and just getting up to speed because you know what it’s like as soon as you hit February, it’s all go, go, go. So hopefully there are some good marketing and BD tips that you can implement in January, 2024.

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