B2B and Digital Marketing

B2B and Digital Marketing

I wanted to talk about B2B marketing and digital and whether or not it’s worthwhile. So I come across a lot of agencies that say, Oh, you do SEO. You do social media, you do this, that you do that. And you’ll get loads of leads through digital. 

But the reality of it is when it comes to professional service firms, digital, isn’t going to solve your problems.

It’s going to help raise awareness for sure, but people don’t need a new accountant. Like now they might not need them for another year. It might be for six or seven years down the line. People don’t need a family lawyer. Now. They don’t need employment lawyers now, but they will need them at some point. So there is a long lead time from doing something to getting an actual win can be quite a long time.

When it comes to professional services, you might not get a new client straight away. So digital is a good piece of the puzzle to have to make sure that you’re kind of tapping into people’s subconscious. You’re there, you’re around. 

They might not need you now

But building your expertise and credibility in their mind so that when they do need you they know where to go when they do need that person.

They will be like, Oh yeah, I remember that person. I’m going to get in contact with that person, for that particular area that I need help with. 

I also want you guys to consider other aspects of marketing too.

It’s not just about online. It’s about offline, especially when it comes to professional services. It’s about networking. It’s about strategic partnerships. It’s about making sure you kind of get in there with events, webinars, making sure that people know your expertise and get to know you as a person is very much about, the know like, and trust relationship. Digital plays a piece at the start of that, but then you need to kind of nurture it through, getting to know your people and building on that.

So when it comes to B2B, don’t just think about social.

Think about the whole gamut of activities that are available to you because digital won’t solve your problems. It will help, but it’s the other activities that you build on top of that, that will help you win leads. Anyway, I hope you found that helpful and I’ll see you next time.

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