Are you following the Marketing unicorn?

Hi everybody and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series so today I thought I would just talk about a phrase that I’ve heard recently or I think I read about it and it was called the marketing unicorn and to be honest it made me laugh because I think this is what we all do as business owners or as managing partners we just see the latest marketing fad and we think oh my god we have to do that we must be pay-per-click or we’ve got to be on Instagram or we should be doing Pinterest and sometimes we just get a little bit bogged down and overwhelmed by all of these new marketing trends that are coming out and what we should do so you follow a marketing unicorn because I’m really trying not to and sometimes I find it really hard.
So what I tend to do and what I was talking about with a client the other day is to try and think about it logically so you have your target audiences. So who are they what content resonates well with them and therefore what channels should you use to push out that content. I really think it can be that simple so when you get distracted by someone doing something new or a new trend think well how does that particular trend or new marketing tactic fit in with my target audience and the content that I’m writing should I actually do it?
So I hope that’s helpful, I just thought it was quite an interesting term I’ve come across it recently I can’t coin it myself and I think it’s just a case of you know don’t get bogged down take a step back and see how it all fits in with what you’re doing new trends are brilliant but only if they can actually really work for your business.
Anyway I hope that’s really helpful, until next week bye for now.