2023 Marketing in Review – where do you start?

2023 Marketing in Review – where do you start?

Hi everyone, and welcome to my video series. Today I wanted to talk to you about the importance of this time of year and reviewing your marketing. 

We’re coming up to the end of the year now. So what is it that we should be looking at in terms of a marketing review to make sure that we’re all nice, primed, and ready to go for January, 2024? 

I’ve got a couple of tips in terms of things that I might be looking at for my clients, and it might be something that you would want to integrate into your review process. 

What have your competitors been up to this year?

The first thing that I like to do is I like to have a look at what my competitors are up to. I might not have looked at them for maybe six months a year. So are they the same, are they changing? Are their services different? Are they talking about different things? 

I’d just like to get a feel for what’s going on in the broader landscape of where I’m working, and it’s always good to check out what your competitors are doing, so remember to do that. 

Has your target audience evolved?

The other thing I like to think about is my target audience. Has anything changed in my business over the last year or my professional services firm? Have we got new services? Have we got new sectors? Have we got new partners that are bringing new business in? Are our target audience the same? And to check whether those key messages and the way that you position yourself is actually in line with those target audiences. 

Sometimes when I’m working with professional services firms, nothing changes and that’s fine.

Tactics – what’s working and what isn’t

I would also be having a look at the tactical side of things as well. Definitely from more of a corporate angle, I’d be looking at website, social media, email marketing and all that types of things. 

It also might be a case that you will have BD plans. 

BD plans, again by service sector, partner office, depending on how you’re structured. Have a look at those BD plans, see what has worked and what hasn’t. If it hasn’t worked, why hasn’t it worked? 

Usually when I’m working with PSS firms, it’s because there’s no time and resource put into it. So how can you manage that for next year? 

Did you put too much pressure on your partners, for instance, to do marketing and BD when they just didn’t have the time? Do you need to reign it back? What’s working well? Should we do more of that? 

So for me, there’s a couple of little tips. 

There’s lots of other bits and pieces you could do, but look at competitors, your target audience, the way you position yourself, and what kind of messages you want to go to market, and what tactics both online, offline, and business development activities are working. 

What’s not? Identify why it’s not working, and whether or not it’s something that you want to take forward for next year. Hopefully you have found that helpful. Some quick tips there. 

Marketing reviews are always stressful, but also very, very interesting because it helps you identify where you can progress and grow. Anyway, if you like my videos, please do like and share and see you next time.

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