2020 Marketing Trends for Professional Service Firms

2020 Marketing Trends for Professional Service Firms

Hi everybody and welcome to my first Wednesday wisdom of 2020. I hope you had a lovely Christmas break and are all back and all refreshed. Unfortunately for me, I had my wisdom teeth extracted a week before Christmas, followed by dry socket, followed by a quite a bad allergic reaction to antibiotics. So I’m like, Oh my goodness, glad I’ve got that over and done with. So I’m feeling a little bit better, but I’m talking a little bit funny. So if you see me groaning it’s because my tooth still hurts anyway. Enough said. 

What do I want to talk to you guys about today?

I thought I would talk to you about trends in the professional services industry for 2020 so what key things should we be looking at? 

Podcasts and professional services firms

The first one I was thinking about, and I’ve seen quite an increase in his podcasts, so I haven’t seen that many law firms or accountancy firms do that many podcasts or really start to explore it.

I think this is definitely a, an interesting avenue where you can build up people that listen on a regular basis, have interesting topics, and actually come at your topics from an angle that’s a little bit different rather than legalese and boring. Do something a little bit more interesting. So I think podcasts are on the rise and I look forward to seeing what actually happens in professional services with those. 

Don’t forget your local customers

The second one that I wanted to talk about is local demographics. Now that sounds really, really boring, but when it comes to professional services, a lot of our clients are in our local areas. So what are we going to be doing to make sure that we target those guys? So are we going to be looking at our website and make sure that our local area is included in the copy? All we’re going to be doing local ads on Facebook, calling LinkedIn or Google PPC?

I think that a lot of us don’t make the most of local advertising. So I think that’ll be very interesting. 

Email Marketing is still important

Thirdly, email marketing. Yeah, it’s a bit old school, but it does help. And I’ve been getting inundated by emails recently. Don’t get me wrong, they are not emails from professional service firms, but it does keep you top of mind. It does keep you in the person’s mind’s eye when they’re thinking about it. 

So they might not need to use your now, but email marketing such as newsletters or offers or things that are happening, you know that you can, use like the budget, for instance, email marketing can actually work quite well for you and get you into your audience’s mind without you really bothering them too much. 

So they’re the kinds of things that I’m thinking might be good for professional services this year. I’m definitely going to make the most of those myself and start talking to my clients about them. I hope you found that interesting. And until next time, bye for now.

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