My breadth of marketing experience spans the whole marketing mix, from marketing communications, integrated campaigns and business development activities. I enjoy working with businesses in the B2B area and have a breadth of experience including international recruitment agencies, health and social care organisations as well as fintech companies.

Different business come to me for different things and I like to be flexible. I sometimes work as the marketing manager for the company or provide marketing consultancy alongside a marketing manager in the business, who may be working on their own and would like to talk through their ideas. I am also available for training sessions and workshops – it really depends on your needs.

Marketing can be like a puzzle for businesses and it is often hard to see where it all fits together and can make a difference. Sometimes you just need that objective eye to help point you in the right direction and motivate you. I’ve most likely been there and done it so i’m┬áhere to provide you with advice, guidance and an expert pair of hands when you most need it.